Literary texts require the translator to read between the lines and understand subtle symmetries. Functional texts are less critical. In fact, too much creativity can harm the final outcome. But these kinds of documents require other strength:  precision, terminology know-how and strong research skills. Richard works on publications (DE/FR-EN) from both of these categories. With 20 years of translation experience in both the public and private sectors, he does his best to make both the spirit and substance of your texts shine through.

Make it read like an original!


More and more texts, particularly in the financial-services sector, are being drafted in English by non-native speakers. This trend will almost certainly accelerate in the years to come. Ever worked on a piece for so long that you can no longer see the wood for the trees? Tangled statements are frustrating to read and can be an operational risk if they are legally binding or destined for the media. Both native English speakers, Veronika and Richard have a talent for salvaging jumbled prose and can help you turn wobbly drafts into watertight documents.

Make every word count!

Creative writing

Publishing a book, speech, brochure, press release, website, ad campaign? Go the extra mile and get it spot on first time. If it's rambling or unstructured, your reputation will suffer and your budget will have been wasted. Creative writing is a complex business that requires planning, lateral thinking, stamina and no small measure of intuition. Richard has broad copywriting experience and can help you weld disparate ideas into a coherent vision.  

If it's worth doing , it's worth doing properly!

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