Translation is generally bill by standard line*. Exceptionally sensitive texts requiring significant research are subject to negotiation or billed by time.


Editing can range from a simple typographical check to a re-write involving substantial creative input. Such work is thus billed by time.

Creative writing

Billed by time. Preferential daily rates are available  for conference reporting and similar assignments.

Special conditions

Condition Surcharge
Night work**/weekends/public holidays 100%
Urgent work (same day)*** < 5 pages: 50%; > 5 pages: 100%
Minimum charge per document 1 standard page/1 hour's work

* 1 standard line = 55 characters (incl.spaces)
** Between 18.00 and 08.00
*** Between 08.00 and 18.00

Rates for creative work are based on Schweizer Textverband pricing guidelines.
Please e-mail for current page/hourly rates. We will be happy to send you a quote.